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Satyam Plastfab Pvt. Ltd was set up in 2009 and has soon grown to become one of the foremost manufacturers of PP woven sacks.

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The aim of the company is to offer innovative and unique polypropylene packaging solutions to manufacturers and producers alike. We strive to provide long-lasting, durable in quality and superior woven sacks that can effortlessly work to transport products from one place to the other. This ensures no kind of contamination gets to the packaged product and no harm or additional expenses are incurred in the bargain.

All of our professionals are well versed with the nuances that go into seamless and result oriented packaging requirements. This ensures customers can relax andknow for a fact that all your packaging concerns are met in a proficient and goal oriented manner. We bring high end technology that works to enhance the value of our services through the assistance of an extensive array of flexible packaging solutions.


Our Professionals keep the highest quality and standards in mind

The company makes use of the latest technology and the most superior quality raw materials. This ensures the final product produced stands true to your expectations and offers desirable results. Satyam Plastfab Pvt. Ltd witnesses a wide range of clients and customers from an extensive array of fields. This includes customers belonging to the commodity, construction, commercial, building, farming, agricultural and industrial sectors.

In addition to offering impeccable quality and customized sacks that come in various sizes, we also offer woven sacks in a variety of colors and designs. This makes sure every packaging solution is tailor made to suit the requirements and preferences of all customers. We manufacture packaging products for sand, salt, sugar, cement, food grains, fertilizer and chemicals. If customers desire, our professionals even incorporate lining in the sacks to offer added protection.

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The company that is housed in the industrial of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India caters to a wide variety of industries and applications. It plays a vital role in the manufacturing as well as supplying of high quality packaging materials. This ensures the products maintain their integrity since the packages are free from contaminants, water, dust and other kinds of risk factors.

The bags produced by us are guaranteed to be breathable and light in weight. Besides this, they come with a low permeability and are cost effective eon the budget. This assures customers that while you obtain high quality woven packaging materials, you do not burn too big of a hole in your pocket while doing so too.

Getting in touch with our proficient and experienced professionals is easy and uncomplicated. You can drop in an email or even give us a call on the number mentioned on our website. With us, you can know for sure that you obtain virtually unlimited options that work to stand true to the ever changing requirements of your needs. You can trust our specialists and experts to deliver customer satisfaction that comes at the highest standard with our specialized and steadfast customized packaging solutions.

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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service. We take great pride in everything that we do